Our Printing Capabilities
Our presses are capable of printing zero to eight spot colors, providing very crisp, bold colors.
Whether your application requires data or graphics printing on the adhesive side of the label, or your in-line printer needs an eye mark to register, our presses allow for de-lamination and re-lamination so we can print on the back of your label.
Four-Color Process
For shadings and color gradients, our presses use four color process printing to accurately reflect the subtleties of non-spot coloring.
To add further detail and reflectivity, we have the capability to add a wide range of foil highlighting to your label. Foils can be used for enhanced appearance or for security measures.
UV Coatings and Lamination
Depending on the environment your label will be subjected to, our team will recommend a finish to deliver the desired level of protection and durability needed in your application. UV coatings can be applied that provide ink protection and durability while still allowing for additional direct thermal or thermal transfer printing. Laminates can be added for ultimate protection.
Expanded Content Labeling
Some applications require an expandable label for additional consumer information, or to provide coupons for purchase discounts. Our presses have the capability to create such labels allowing you more “real estate” to communicate with your customer.
Flexographic Printing
Flexographic printing is the traditional form of printing used for custom labels. A flexible printing plate with raised surfaces is used to apply ink to the label substrate. Flexo printing is ideally suited for a wide range of substrates from films and foils, to papers and polyesters. This method is best suited for medium to long runs and fewer SKUs.
Digital Printing
Digital printing is the newest form of printing in the label industry. No plates are necessary and set-up time is minimal. Digital printing is ideally suited for labels with many colors and complex graphics. This method is best suited for small to medium runs with multiple SKUs or variable data.
Pre-Press & Custom Finishing
Mister Label has a full time Graphic Artist on staff to work with you on designing new labels. We also produce our own flexographic plates in-house for seamless transition from art to press. All of our labels are custom finished into rolls or sheets specific to your application requirements.
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