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1. Is there a minimum order quantity?
No, there is not. The larger the order, the better pricing we can provide. There is significant time and expense in setting up a press to run your label. This set-up time is the same for 100 labels or 100 million labels.
2. What is the lead time to receive my labels?
Our standard timing is 10-15 business days from proof approval. This allows us time to custom order any material or tooling needed for you label. This lead time can be reduced for repeat orders and emergency situations when necessary.
3. What type of artwork files are required?
Line vector files, from a program such as Adobe Illustrator, are required for accurate color separation and to make crisp flexographic plates. If you do not have artwork in this format, our artist can work with you to create a design from scratch or take .pdf or .jpeg files and recreate them as line vector files.
Reference Label Artwork Setup Guidelines
4. How do I place an order?
For an initial inquiry, you may fill out the attached form and we will contact you. If you would like to speak to a live human being or need immediate assistance, you may call us at 843-815-2222.


What information do I need to design a label?
When designing a new custom label, the Mister Label team will ask you questions about the environment that the label will applied in your facility and the environment the label will have to perform in once it leaves your facility. To what surface will the label be applied – plastic, glass, corrugated, etc? What is the application temperature and is there any foreign matter in the environment – dust, oil, etc? Is the label being machine or hand applied? Does the label need to perform in extreme temperatures (hot or cold) once applied to your product? Will the label be in a harsh environment where it needs to be protected from friction, corrosion, or UV?
What is a PMS color?
PMS (which stands for Pantone Matching System) is a color system based upon over one thousand standardized ink colors. PMS color is the standard used by printers throughout the world to accurately represent colors. PMS inks are pre-mixed before printing begins. That helps to ensure you’ll always get the color you’re expecting and minimizes variation throughout the print run. Rich, deep colors ideal for monochromatic designs, PMS spot colors provide the most consistent color, with no perceptible variations between labels in a run, or from run to run. They are also excellent for color branding, such as matching the hue of a company logo, and for printing small text legibly, without blurry color auras.
What is 4 color process (CMYK)?
Process colors are created by applying separate layers of 4 colors - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) - in various concentrations on the paper. By mixing these 4 colors, just about any imaginable color can be created. CMYK 4-Color Process is commonly used for printed matter that contains photographs. CMYK printing is often combined with spot colors for custom logo colors and crisp text.
What is label position and why is it important?
Label position refers to how the label will be oriented when it comes off the roll. This is less important if the label is being hand applied and can be oriented by the applier. However, it is critical to orient the labels correctly if they are being machine-applied. Each automatic labeler will have different orientations for application. The roll chart below defines label position numbers.
What is an RCR?
RCR stands for round corner rectangle and it refers to the radius of the rounded corner of a label. A standard size is .125” but can be larger, or smaller. An RCR helps the labels more easily peel from the liner during the application process, and also make labels less likely to catch on things and be accidentally removed from your product.
Can I print variable data on my label with a thermal transfer or direct thermal printer in my facility?
Yes, we can specify a material or a varnish that will allow you to use a thermal transfer or direct thermal printer, or even an ink pen or “Sharpie”, to add variable data to your custom label.
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